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It seems every do-gooder I run into on the bike is apt to tell me how terribly dangerous and short-sided it is to operate a motorcycle. Well, ladies, here's a list of stuff which is much more likely to get you killed.

Shit that could kill you
Deaths per yearCause
696,947various heart diseases
162,672cerebrovascular diseases
157,713lung cancer
124,816chronic lower respiratory diseases
62,969all "other" cancers
58,866Alzheimer's disease
56,741colon cancer
41,883breast cancer
40,222renal failure
30,466prostate cancer
30,264pancreatic cancer
29,975symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified
25,039"other" respiratory diseases
21,344motor vehicle occupants
20,261hypertension and hypertensive renal disease
17,593pneumonitis due to solids and liquids
17,201other accidental deaths not related to vehicles
17,108suicide by firearm
16,959Parkinson's disease
16,257falling off of things (Actually, it's probably the landing that kills you, not the fall.)
15,136cirrhosis of the liver
14,682ovarian cancer
14,547suicide without a firearm
14,254pregnancy complications
14,047liver cancer
13,961unspecified motor vehicle accidents
13,299benign tumors of uncertain or unknown behavior
12,830brain cancer
12,701esophageal cancer
12,628bladder cancer
12,165kidney cancer
12,198stomach cancer
12,121alcoholic liver disease
11,829homicide by firearm
10,687congenital birth defects
7,737oral cancers
7,514skin cancer
6,853uterin cancer
6,091pedestrians struck by vehicles
5,809homicide without a firearm
5,793viral hepatitis
4,830undetermined intent (might be homicide, might be suicide, but the cops are too stupid or too lazy to tell)
4,711"other" disorders of the circulatory system not included in "heart disease"
4,079peptic ulcer
3,952cervical cancer
3,779nutritional deficiency
3,723laryngeal cancer
3,153U.S. motorcyclists killed in 2002
2,979gallbladder cholelithiasis
2,843complications from medical care
2,465intestinal infections
1,554natural disasters
1,900water, air, and space accidents
1,086"other" land transport accidents. (I'm not sure how "land transport" falls outside the scope of "motor vehicle" unless a lot of Cub Scouts are getting killed in soap box derbies.)
762accidental firearm discharge

Unless otherwise noted, this data was taken from the CDC's survey of stuff that killed people in 2002.

It turns out you're nearly twice as likely to die walking down the street than you are on a motorcycle.

For some more great stats on the odds of dying, try this National Safety Council site.